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My paleo journey started in July 2012 when my CrossFit box hosted the Whole30 challenge and I haven't looked back since. Here, I'll be posting recipes and whining about life.  Aren't you glad you visited my site?  Just kidding.  Sort of ;)

Since going paleo, I noticed many positive benefits: increased energy, fewer mood swings, clearer skin, improved physical fitness (I smashed a TON of personal bests in triathlons, running races, & olympic lifts), weight loss, and an ability to actually TASTE the delicious whole foods that I was eating. When I do eat non-paleo foods, I notice how terrible I feel: bloating, headaches, lethargy, GI distress, etc. The switch to paleo wasn't easy though it gets better over time. 

What is "paleo"?  It stands for "paleolithic", which essentially means eating foods that 'ancestors' used to eat: meat, fish, veggies, healthy fats, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. That means no processed foods, gluten, dairy, legumes (including peanuts), or sugar (if need be - honey/agave/maple syrup but limit these items). Make no mistake- paleo is not a "fad diet" but rather a lifestyle of eating nutrient-dense foods found in nature that promote optimal health... unlike the standard American diet that has been linked to inflammation, diseases, obesity, & diabetes. 

For further info on the paleo lifestyle: 
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