Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sleep is for the Weak

Or, at least that's what I tell myself when school/research/job apps keep me up at night.  We're in week 2 of winter quarter here and I feel like such a zombie... long days and just feeling fried all the time.  A few things I've noticed when I don't sleep:

-I'm cold
-I feel like eating even though I'm not hungry
-I crave junk food (fat/salt/grease, sugar)
-I cave in and get fat
-I'm cranky
-I'm lethargic
-My head hurts

After sleeping (on the weekends), all these things magically go away. Of course, none of this is rocket science and should come as no surprise. Adequate sleep is part of the whole9/paleo lifestyle but sometimes it's just so hard to get it in. When I give in to my cravings, this creates more cravings and I can no longer tell when I'm full. Yikes!! Of course, the monthly is partly to blame, but it's always MY choice what & how much to eat. Time to put this dragon in check... 

In other news, I started CrossFit again after a taking a break last fall. I knew I was going to start up again, but needed to give my body & mind a rest after all the training/racing last summer, plus dissertation, job market, and the marathon.  The break helped to renew my passion for CF, but this is definitely a long road ahead to get back to where I was last summer. I stayed somewhat active in the off-season, but coming back has been humbling haha The coaches and fellow athletes have been really supportive though, I definitely missed the camaraderie.

Finish dissertation + get a job + sleep + be fit again + slay the craving dragon = 2013 is off to rocky start! Never too late to make sure 2013 ends the right way... here we goooo!


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