Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Whole60/Sugar Detox: Day 3

Whole60 with sugar detox has been going well so far, but it's still early. I've been eating leftovers, which is great for when I'm traveling to meet with people for my research or when I come home and don't want to wait to eat. The meals I've been eating are crockpot curry chicken, salmon with zucchini, chicken fajitas, & veggie eggwhite omelet (there is a little yolk in there but I'm still skeptical of the whole "yolks are good/not bad for you" thing... but that's a discussion for another time :P)  No real sugar cravings either, though walking by Starbucks on these cold wintery days in Chitown and a caramel macchiato sounds amazing, but it's been super easy to walk by without fighting the latte feeling (for now). People at CrossFit think I'm crazy for doing this for 60 days along with a sugar detox, but it's really not all THAT long, plus the strictest level of sugar detox (what I'm doing - level 3) is not too different from paleo, other than limited fruit and no starchy carbs unless you had a tough workout.  

I feel fine so far - it's a lot easier than I thought it would be considering all the sugar & fried stuff I ate these past few weeks, but again it's still early.  Workouts this week were challenging but good... On Monday's body-density holds, I won the "wall sit challenge" where the last person sitting wins. The advantage of being a runner/biker/triathlete is a strong lower body and thus I beat everyone, including all the boys!!!  I gave up after 5:06 min, which is over a minute longer than the last guy.  Not gonna lie, I felt pretty bad-@ss for the next hour :P 

Also, I did my first toes-to-bar today!!!!  After months of only doing knees-to-armpit, I decided hey why not and went for it!  Totally surprised myself by getting up there... just goes to show that good things happen when you push yourself.  Next up is doing unassisted pull-ups, handstands, and consistent double-unders in a row, but that's for another day. Then we did wall-walks, which definitely revealed my upperbody/shoulder weaknesses. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Celebrating each victory as it comes :)

Onwards and upwards...

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