Sunday, November 11, 2012

Whole 30 - Day 10

Sleep: 7 hours

Exercise: None

Breakfast: None
Lunch: Country fried steak (no gravy), vegetable latkes (daikon radish & zucchini), scrambled egg whites, and one spoonful of sugar-less sunbutter
Dinner: Chicago-style Italian beef (with sweet peppers), paleo stuffing, and sweet potato bacon-chive "biscuits"
Snack: 4 small turkey sausage breakfast patties, 1 slice of nitrate-free bacon, and 1 veggie green egg muffin (broccoli, zucchini, spinach, onion, & bell pepper)

Breakfast for lunch

Italian beef, stuffing, & "biscuits"

Mood: Unmotivated to work

Marathon cooking today in prep for the week, phew!!  Bacon is delicious, but my biggest complaint is that it's SO salty!  Same with the turkey sausage. There's really nothing that can be done about the bacon, but why does it have to be so heavily laced with salt? Hmph.

I also realized that these snacks and "second dinners" (which is not technically in the whole30 plan, hehe) are hindering weight loss.  Starting Monday (tomorrow), there will be no late-night noshing.  All food must be eaten by 7pm or nothing after that (except for rare, unforeseen circumstances of course).  Normal serving sizes too, since it's the off-season... I am no longer in hardcore endurance/CrossFit mode for racing, which means that I need to eat normal portions like a normal person (much to my denial). Shouldn't eat when I'm not truly hungry, just bc I "feel" like it or "want" to. Instead, only eat when my body tells me it's hungry. Need to exercise more too, making time for it rather than on the 2 or 3 days where I have more flexibility in my schedule. So, new goals for this week (ideally for the remainder of the whole30 but I am taking this one day/week at a time lol): all meals must be eaten by 7pm, exercise 4-5 days (at least 30 min each time) no matter how tired or busy I am.      

Correct portions or not, exercise or not, those first 10 days went by pretty quickly.  I've already noticed how much better I feel just by eating clean. Some slight cravings, but nothing awful.  Here's to the next 20!  Hoping to finish this challenge out strong... including Thanksgiving thrown into the mix for good self-control measure :)

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