Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whole 30 - Day 5

Sleep: 7 hours

Exercise: 35 minutes of swimming, 2 miles of walking to/from campus (round-trip)

Breakfast: 4 Crockpot turkey meatballs
Lunch: 2 Bacon-avocado turkey burger sliders, roasted carrot "fries"
Dinner: Leftover crockpot chicken fauxghetti 
Second Dinner: 2 free-range/omega-3 enhanced scrambled eggs, 4 leftover crockpot turkey meatballs, 1 grass-fed/nitrate-free beef hotdog, a few spoonfuls of almond butter straight from the jar*

Turkey meatballs fresh from the slow cooker!

Lunch to go

Mood: Jittery... Constantly on-the-go today

*It has come to my attention that I nearly polished off an ENTIRE jar of almond butter in the span of 4 days.  Looks like I've been mind-numbingly sticking a spoon in the jar and not keeping track of how much I consume.  For the remainder of the challenge, I decided to remove all nuts from my diet and to eat real food instead.  The only exception is if nuts are part of a recipe (e.g. pesto, binder for salmon cakes, etc).  They will not be consumed on their own.

In other news, I felt unmotivated and tired to go to the gym and swim (decided to give my body a break from all the running/ellipticizing it's been doing).  But, I knew that if I didn't exercise, I'd feel even worse.  So, I took my time and slowly dragged my legs over there in the cold and rain.  My Tri Club emailed a swim workout, which I generally followed. Helped to eat up the time.  Then I got home, stuffed my face (second dinner), and was shocked to see I was one spoonful away from single-handedly polishing off a jar of almond butter over 4 days' time (I don't even want to know the nutrition stats). Maybe that's why I've been feeling better since I started the whole30, but weight stayed the same.  Blerg.


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