Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whole 30 - Day 4

Sleep: 8 hours

Exercise: Rest day; 1 mile walk to school

Breakfast: Grass-fed/nitrate-free hot dog, roasted carrots
Lunch: Leftover chicken bacon fauxghetti
Dinner: Chinese stir-fry chicken, broccoli, string beans, & cucumbers
Second Dinner: A few spoonfuls of almond butter straight from the jar, 2 slices nitrate-free bacon

Mood: Relaxed

The hard part of the day was dealing with all the smells of non-paleo foods. My officemate heated up a slice of Domino's pizza.  The office smelled a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  A vegetarian friend who is doing the Whole30 with me (but modified appropriately for her non-meat/seafood needs) reminded me that those foods don't taste as good as they smell.  She was absolutely right. It didn't take long for the smell to dissipate and my mouth to stop salivating.

Then, I was at a church event in the evening.  It was my turn to bring dessert and since I started a self-imposed Whole30 with sugar detox, there was no dessert I could make that would satisfy both the attendees and my sugar detox.  I wanted to do something with apples (one of my fav things about fall) so I made apple dumplings, which got rave reviews on google.  Containing wheat, dairy, and processed sugar, this dessert was completely non-paleo.  It smelled amazing in my kitchen and all the people at church loved it!  Whenever I cook for others, I always like to taste what I made, but this time I couldn't.  At the same time, I thought of how crappy I've felt the past month after consecutive non-paleo eating and the desire to take just one nibble quickly disappeared.  I found that putting the dumpling to my nose and smelling it was enough to get by without eating it. Again, I reminded myself of what my buddy said - junk food doesn't taste as good as it smells.  Indeed!

4 days in and feeling alright... but I know the tougher times are yet to come.  

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