Saturday, November 10, 2012

Whole 30 - Day 9

Sleep: 4.5 hours, couldn't go back to bed, then 1 hour

Exercise: None... but walked around the city carrying heavy grocery bags. I was breathing heavier at times and arms were hurting

Breakfast: None
Lunch: None
Dinner: 4 BBQ chicken wings, a cup of chili, and grilled chicken salad
Second Dinner: Veggie pizza (spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, pepper, & garlic) with cauliflower "crust" (1/4 pesto, 3/4 tomato sauce); 2 slices nitrate-free bacon, 1 spoonful of sunbutter (no sugar added... tastes SO different from the typical sunbutters w added evaporated cane juice).

Paleo pizza

Mood: Sleepy but happy it's the weekend!

Day-long church event that started early and after a long week at school, I was dragging. I learned a few things, so that was good.  They served donuts for breakfast and pizza for lunch, with candy all day for snacks.  Of course, all of that fails miserably as paleo, so I just ate nothing the whole day (except a cup of decaf black coffee).  The lunch break was a working session and in the 5 minutes we were given to get pizza, it wouldn't have been enough time for me to run to Panera or something next door.  I didn't bring a lunch w me bc I was too rushed to catch the bus (barely made it!)  In any event, avoiding these temptations was a lot easier than it had been in the past (i.e. when I did my first Whole30 only 4 months ago). Everything smelled SO good but I reminded myself of my goals and why I'm doing the Whole30 in the first place. 

After the event, went out to eat with a buddy.  She's like a big sister to me and we hadn't seen each other, so it was time to catch up.  We tried to go to Rick Bayless' new place (Xoco) but line was so long and I hadn't eaten all day so I was hungry. His other restaurant next door (Frontera Grill) didn't open for another hour. We went to a nice sports bar, where people were watching the Nebraska college football game. Since going paleo, eating out has lost its appeal (other than socializing and exploring new places/foods)... the food is just so unhealthy - lots of oils, high salt, hidden sugars - and I could make a far better version at home. I never really feel too good when I leave, though a full belly is always better than an empty one. After dinner, I went grocery shopping at 3 nearby places (Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, & a generic grocery store). Spent like $120, whoops :)  Spices were on sale finally - I've been waiting all year!! - so I got a few bottles, probably spent close to $30 on spices alone haha  The rest was on protein (and some organic veggies), in true paleo fashion 0:)   


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