Saturday, December 1, 2012

Whole 30 - The End!

DAY 30
Sleep: 9 hours

Exercise: None... spa day with a massage :)

Lunch: Chicken teriyaki, miso soup, small salad
Dinner: Vegetable "dumplings", mango tea

Mood: Relaxed

Planned a day spa with my buddy Victoria... the place had heated rooms (of varying temperatures) where you can lay in the heat, sweat out toxins, relax, unwind, etc. They also had gender-specific hot tubs, a meditation room, TV room, place to watch a featured movie (they showed "The Mask"), and the main area had many comfy chairs to sit plus free wifi and plenty out electrical outlets for laptops/ipads/etc. For an extra charge, you could get a massage (we certainly did :)), facials, body scrubs, snacks, etc. The place was very clean and well-maintained. It was out in Niles, so it was a trek from where I live in Chicago's southside but it was a fun, relaxing day and I'd definitely go back.

In other news, today was Day 30 of the Whole30! Hard to believe it's been a month! I had some cheats during the challenge, so I guess in that way I didn't stay true to the "rules", but I feel like my body had the reset/detox it needed. Mission accomplished!  Good to get the reset going before heading into the holidays...

DAY 29 
Sleep: 5 hours

Exercise: None... wiped out from the week

Breakfast: Coffee, raw fish (sushi-style from the cafeteria.... my other options were bagels, muffins, & cereal. No thank you!!)
Lunch: Leftover crockpot pulled pork, organic orange pepper slices
Dinner: Chicken, fish, fried veggies (broccoli/onion/sweet potato), dark chocolate*
*A cheat? Perhaps...

Mood: Stresseddddd

What a day. What a week! Got lots done, it was a productive day... but with an early morning meeting and TONS of work to do (namely job apps & dissertation stuff), my mind was on the go all day long. In other news, my dissertation proposal got accepted to be presented as a talk at a regional conference in Chicago this spring.  So, that will be a good experience for me and a nice addition on my CV. 

Happy Friday!!!

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